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ShenzhenZhongjingsichuangMilitary Police Equipment co. ,LTD.
ShenzhenZhongjingsichuangMilitary Police Equipment co. ,LTD. is an innovative high-tech military and police equipment enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, sales and service. Since the establishment of the company, it has been adhering to the belief that the combination of theory and practice, innovation and development
Long-term communication and discussion with first-line public security officers, officers and soldiers, fire fighters, etc. 
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About Zhongjingsichuang
Our Advantage

Large raw material suppliers, no middlemen...

Large-scale operation, sufficient capacity and high cost performance

■  Zhōng jǐng sī chuàng focuses on the development, production and after-sales of military products, including fire rescue, security inspection and detonation, single police equipment, criminal evidence collection, traffic police patrol and other series of products
■ Has a large-scale raw material supplier, direct supplier of material procurement quality testing, no middleman
■ The company currently has 8 series of products, which have been successfully used in the fields of military, public prosecution and justice, large-scale activities, public places, etc.

20 software copyrights, own research and development room...

Strong technical advantages, can provide you with intelligent production line non-standard customized service

■ 10 software copyrights
■ Focus on product research and development, constantly introduce foreign cutting-edge technology, tailor-made for customers
■ Obtained as a member of the Security Association and a member of the Police Equipment Association

Efficient productivity and solutions make you worry!...

Strictly control quality to ensure good quality

■ We have an experienced technical team
■ Strictly control quality and use scientific production management system
■ Efficient logistics system for efficient production and distribution

Nine service outlets nationwide, let you worry free after s...

Provide localized services to customers, and the service is more professional

■ Online and offline one-on-one exclusive access service to solve your concerns
■ Any problems occur during the use of the product, and the professional will help you test and solve it.
■ Butler-style service, the whole process for you to follow up the production progress of the order, regularly inform the production progress
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